My favorite Top 7 Music Albums (3/7/01) 




Position Cover Name About
1. Jack Johnson - BrushfireFairytales This album is awesome !! It has a grooving, mellow vibe. Maybe you know Jack from G.Love and Special Sauce or from the Taylor Steel Surf Movie "Hit and Run". Catch waves and listen to Jack Johnson
2. American Hi-Fi - American Hi-Fi A Boston band is on their way ! I recommend this album to everyone who is caught in the middle of punk & rock.
3. Crazy Town - The Gift Of Game Nice crossover band from SoCal, you can hear the popular single "Butterfly" on the radio numerous times. But this song really blows you away, Sugarbaby !!
4. Unwritten Law - Unwritten Law Folks, they are in the studio and hoping to release a new masterpiece in March or April this year. Until then check out this sweet album.
5. Lifehouse - No Name Face If you havenīt listen to "Hanging by a moment", shame on you !! 
6. Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory Now somethinh harder. A better mix of rock/rap fusion than stuff thatīs out there now.
7. Get Up Kids - Something To Write Home About Catchy Pop Punk ! Not from SoCal